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Banner pen 201 Product Details:

Item Name:     Banner Pens  Wedding Pens

 Show your advertisement by a banner                                             
- Banner(paper) size:18cm×6.8cm(7.09"×2.68")                            
Printing on both sides 4+4 colors                                                      
- Pen color:as in above picture                                                              
- Tip size:0.7mm or 1.0mm                                                                    
- Ink color:black or blue                                                                           
- Minimum order quantity:100 pens                                                      
- Offer us the printing file in (CMYK) AI,CDR,EPS,PDF,PSD format.
- View the INSTRUCTIONS.      

 Cheap Banner pens                   Free setup charges even 100 pens and No hide extra charge
Price includes both sides banner printing but not shipping cost and printing on pen barrel
Order Qty(pcs) 100 300 500 1000 5000 10,000 50,000 100,000
Price($) $1.65 $0.77 $0.57 $0.35 $0.15 $0.13 $0.097 $0.089
Amount $165 $231 $285 $350 $750 $1400 $4850 $8900
Delivery time 15days 15days 15days 15days 15days 15days 20days 25days
Pen Sample
Free existing banner pen sample after customer pay freight!
                      All prices are based on one pen color,one ink color and one design(two different art on both sides of banner)

Why choose us?
Custom Tax Most of traders' quote price with custom tax,our prices do not include,WHY ?We can save much for you.
US custom do not  ask tax,even they ask,we have method to reduce it very low
Mini quantity Our mini is 100 pens rather than 1000 pens at least from others
Banner Printing Most of traders' quote include 1 side printing and ask setup fees$70,our price is both sides of banner printing an without setup fees for banner artwork.
Shipping cost We have special ship agent discount than normal price
Delivery time We can finish order in 2 week rather than others's 15-20 working days.This is factory!!!

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Andrew M.        
28 Nov 2011 00:05
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21 Nov 2011 18:00
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18 Oct 2011 02:21

Andrew M.
16 Oct 2011 00:07
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Andson A.
28 Dec 2010 17:16
Johnny Z.   

Chris J.   
05 August 2010 18:25
Thank you for sending sample,I let you know after checking out quality

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