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We found that so many of customers source banner pen as "pens with pull out advertising".In fact,it is the same meaning.It says that all pens like banner pen,scroll pen and flag pen,even flyer pen.The pens are with pull out banner advertising with 4+4 full color full imprint on both side of banner.Our company do wholesale and retail sales,we accept order even 100 pens,won't ask setup fees for banner printing.It is easy for each company ,wedding party to buy.The fast way to promote and make people knows

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  • Promotional Banner pens(200)
    Order Qty: 1,000
  • Roll Out Banner pen(200A)
    Order Qty: 1,000
  • Banner pen 201(201)
    Order Qty: 100
  • Popular Banner pens(201A)
    Popular Banner pens
    Flag pen(202)
    Order Qty: 1,000
  • Promotional metal Flag Pen(203)
    Order Qty: 5,000
  • Metal Banner pens(203A)
    Order Qty: 1,000
  • Calendar pen(205)
    Order Qty: 10,000