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Wholesale banner pen products are: various high profile cups , material stainless steel mug , ceramic cup, porcelain cup , glass cup , creative mug , color changing magic mug , coated mug , export mug , advertising mug customized gifts , intermediate supplies wholesale .
    In addition, the company has a professional printing equipment , providing a , costumes : Sportswear printing, basketball clothing printing, football shirt printing and football clothing printing, jersey printing, printing swimwear , beach wear printing, printing children's clothing , scarf printing, gloves and more complex pattern of clothing printing. 2 , leisure products : plush toys printing, environmentally friendly handbags printing, personalized luggage pattern , pretty pattern tents, and so on. 3 , household items : towels printing, printing pillowcase , pillow printing, printing cushion , sofa sets printing, aprons printing, printing tablecloth , curtain printing and so on. 4 , other banner pens decorative items : wedding photo photo sand , craft paintings, car accessories and so on. 5 , advertising products : advertising umbrella , advertising gifts , advertising clothing, handbags promote environmental awareness , flags, banners strips. I plant features a digital sublimation transfer , sublimation transfer pattern with flowers realistic , detailed patterns , clear layer , three-dimensional sense of strong character. Sublimation transfer can be printed natural scenery and strong artistic pattern. 2 Flexibility: the use of modern computer technology , you can convert any HD beautiful patterns , photographs substantial heat transfer to the fabric. 3 , flexibility : it is the high temperature (200 ℃ or so) by the sublimation of the dye vapor condensed on the fabric surface , and the fiber macromolecule permeability amorphous zone , after cooling inside the fiber fixing printing method . So after the transfer sublimation fabric texture and color fastness properties remained unchanged up to 5 .
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